If AvolutionLab were an influencer

Yes, we don’t have an Instagram account with millions of followers, nor a yacht in Ibiza, and certainly not a pet that earns astronomical figures with sparkling collars.

But, with the modesty that characterizes us, we can say that we are unique (great/committed/restless) and that everyone who visits us experiences what we call the #AvolutionLabEffect.

That is, they are impressed by what they see, discover commendable R&D work, try different things, and stay for hours to chat and eat (which we’re good at), and they always come back.

It happened to Silvia Cantos and María Martín from Best Medical Laboratories, who left the office and mercilessly surrendered to gastronomy for a few hours.

What will come out of that visit? We’re not sure, although we share the values of innovating in health and wellness, and almost everything we do turns out great.

Okaaay… It’s true that we’re not the trendy restaurant, nor the ‘most anticipated opening of the season’ (we’re resigned, for now, to not being trendy)… for now…”