Avocado Sauces for the catering sector

Developed by AvolutionLab

AvolutionLab is the only gastronomic laboratory in the world, dedicated to the study of the properties of avocado in the kitchen, to expand and diversify the way it is consumed today.

AvolutionLab has several gastronomic projects that aim to take advantage of the use of avocado in other ways other than conventional ones to bring consumers all the benefits of this fruit quickly and easily.


Avoreca is one of the gastronomic projects developed by the AvolutionLab, directly focused on the production of avocado sauces in large format without the need for refrigeration that can be used by chefs in hotels and restaurants.

A healthier alternative to mayonnaise and aioli.

Currently, 2 products have been developed:
Avocado alioli
Avocado sauce (mayonnaise flavor)

Explanatory video

Fermín López, head chef of the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla (ESHS) and with more than 2 years testing and experimenting with the products, he explains in this video the properties, use and versatility of these products.

These qualities make Avoreca sauces unique products in the world

Nutritional qualities

At the nutritional level, with respect to traditional sauces, they contain a greater number of healthy fats and a lower amount of saturated fats. In addition, due to avocado, they contain elements that other sauces do not have such as natural fiber, vitamin E, lutein, magnesium, potassium, etc.

Gastronomic use

At the gastronomic level, these sauces behave in the kitchen differently from the traditional mayonnaises and aiolis. That allows you to make new and original creations that the consumer can enjoy under the Healthy&Tasty concept.

They are also sauces that feel light, without any feeling of heaviness after ingestion.

This new generation of sauces will be taken to the market, through the distribution agreement we have reached, with the Industry and Hospitality Division of Calvo.

Do you want any ideas?

Discover the selection of recipes that we have prepared using AVORECA products.

Latest recipes:

These sauces have been tested in the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla in countless different dishes and the versatility in the kitchen is only limited by the Chef’s imagination.

If you need gastronomic advice on sauces, you can request it through the email info@avolutionlab.com and we will be happy to share all the knowledge developed so far with these new sauces.