We went to the Barcelona Culinary Hub

You might not know it well, but we’ve already given you some clues: our CEO has been stopped by few things in life (now that he eats avocado abundantly even less so) and he won’t rest until AvolutionLab has embassies, without nationality or passports, all over the world.

So, a few weeks ago, he went to visit the facilities of the Barcelona Culinary Hub, a Superior School of Gastronomy, with a business vision beyond the kitchens and affiliated with the University of Barcelona.

The pillars of the school “are based on innovation, gastronomic training and research, sustainability, and creativity,” and so are ours, as an open innovation hub. So, we’ve only asked them to help us carry out a mission: play with avocado sauces.

Thanks to Leonard Ortega Rubio for the welcome.

This is just the beginning!