Here comes Avocado Oil

Some Mexicans had told us about it, but it was like the tale of-the-cousin-of-my-brother’s-friend, and we didn’t have much faith in it (let’s be honest).

Even an Aztec chef confessed to us that he used it to add creaminess and enhance the flavor of avocado he found in Spain, although at that moment we thought ‘oh, impossible to get’.

So, we got down to business and started thinking about why not obtain a virgin oil from the best avocado fruit, specially selected, and apply the most rigorous procedures.

We knew about its gastronomic virtues (it’s that noble friend that always makes you look good) and that we could investigate its physical, chemical, culinary, and all kinds of properties. To learn more about its composition, we have contacted researchers from the Institute of Fat.

And beyond comes its enjoyment. And you might like it so much that there’s a new question in your kitchen: ‘what if we add avocado oil?'”