How to combine cooking and nutrition? We know how to do it

One of the first bets of the collaboration between AvolutionLab and the Complutense University of Madrid was to unite cuisine with nutrition and understand that culinary dietetics is (soooo) a friend of taste.

In other words, that to that of the diet of “breast and lettuce” (as trite as sad) we should give it a spin and turn it into a pleasure for the senses and nutrition.

The day after HIP Horeca Professional Expo 2024 – even with the adrenaline hangover in the body and the satisfaction of having enjoyed with the Higher School of Hospitality of Seville and the Hospitality division of Calvo – we went to the UCM to continue cooking, eating and explaining our project.

We did it in the classrooms, as we like, with the students of the degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and with the tutoring of Professor Beatriz Beltrán (adventure companion although allergic to avocado, contradictions of life!).

There, the less skilled of Jesús and Gonzalo did wonders with the sauces of #AVORECA (which we had just launched on HIP); we tried Calvo’s belly with the avocado sauce, the aioli and the sauce with habanero; we tasted an extra virgin avocado oil of scandal (and of which you will have a lot of news soon) and the avocado and chocolate cream with and without sugar.

The result? A wonderful class and a post on LinkedIn that has excited us like few others and the wonderful photos of Érika Acevedo.