Spreading illusion at TEDxMálaga

With few hours of sleep, little voice and a lot of enthusiasm, we have gone from Bilbao to the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga to celebrate a new edition of TEDx, on April 20.

While the speakers fed the brains of the attendees, our tireless and methodical chef, Jesús Herrero – together with Álvaro Jiménez Cano and the paparazzi María Lourdes Guerrero – prepared some tapas (with a lot of art, miarma) to the rhythm of the music of the DJ Álvaro García.

Dishes in which neurogastronomy, an important line of research by Avolution Lab, and AvoGuys sauces were put at the service of appetite and creativity.

TED was born to discover and disseminate ideas that arouse the imagination, cover possibilities and catalyzed their impact and TEDX are local and self-organized events that bring people together to share an experience similar to that of a TED.

Avolution Lab shares the TED philosophy and is ready to continue spreading illusion, talent and gastronomy 🙂